We have been voted the original and best open water swim venue in
the Midlands for 3 years running.

Being a family owned private venue, we offer all the love, care and support you need,
whether you are training for an ironman or want to try and bit open water swimming for
the first time.

Our lake is completely natural with no added chemicals and in all the years we have been
open no signs of swimmers itch!

What we do

We welcome all open water swimmers, of all ages, of all abilities, with or without
wetsuit, ironman or recreational lover – we just want you to love your swim with us.

We are based in the heart of the Midlands, just near to Kingsbury Water Park and the
Belfry Golf Course.



*Please note ALL swimmers before entering the water must have paid the £20 annual insurance,
if you do not pay this fee, you will not be insured and therefore not allowed to swim. This can be purchased through the booking page.

Exclusive seasonal membership

Unlimited open water swimming, during swim opening hours,
for the entirety of our peak season (May to mid-October).
No Need to book your place, just turn up during swim opening
times and be free to spend as long as you want.

This option must be paid for in April and will run until mid-October.

Annual insurance is an additional fee and due in cash on your first swim.


To purchase seasonal membership, click book and select membership.

Pay as you swim members

When the season opens in April, all members will pay as you
swim, you will need to renew your annual insurance and then book
online for the sessions you want to attend.

You can book more than one hour at a time based
on the hourly rate.

£8 per hourly swim

To purchase standard session, click book and select activity and time slot.