Swimming lessons


Why not try our beginners course,
open to adults over the age of 16.
We cover off all the basics of what
to wear, health and safety, getting
used to the cold and how to make
the most of your time in the water.
We will also give you a new swim
hat to set you on your way!

Here is the outline of the session:

5min Swim Introduction to the class and each other

50min Lesson

Safety briefing/discussion
Land based warm-up
Breathing to relax
Entry into water – slow & safe
Floating on back (and front if brave enough!)
Submerging head in water
Breathing under water
Short swims
Cool down/safe exit & removing wetsuit

5min Debrief and questions

Swimmers will need to bring with them:

Wetsuit (recommended)
Swim hat (included)
Tow float (recommended)
Towel/changing robe
Warm clothes for after swim
Footwear (sandals/flip-flops etc)
Neoprene gloves/boots (optional)
Good idea to bring a hot drink and a snack too.