Swimming the English Channel was the toughest yet most rewarding challenge of my entire life

The challenge and more so the training, helped me through a really dark time. Swimming gave me something to focus on. Physically it gave me the drive to get going and mentally it really helped me get my life back on track – there is something so powerful about open water.

Back then, Open Water swimming wasn’t a well known sport, let alone were there places to train.

I was really fortunate that my family owned this beautiful lake, where I spent my childhood learning to love the water.

I decided I’d open the lake as the first Open Water Swim venue in the Midlands and ever since we have grown slowly but surely year on year.

It’s a really simple set up, it’s a world away from our crazy every day lives and we would love to welcome you and your families to come and join us.

lots of love, Jen x


The lake is sloped all the way in and all the way out, no dropping off an edge, ease yourself in and get used to the water slowly.

There are 2 courses, a 650m and a 300m, both marked out by large yellow bouys with easy access to the edge should you need a rest or even fancy a walk back.